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Medtronic® and Activa® are registered trademarks of Medtronic, Inc. SoftStart/Stop™ is a trademark of Medtronic, Inc. 2 English 37612 2010-08. Template version: 03-03-2010. M927170A010
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The purpose of this Supplier Quality Excellence Manual is to clearly communicate Medtronic's Quality expectations to all new and existing external Suppliers. These Quality expectations apply to the development, manufacture, and delivery of all. Products and Services supplied to Medtronic. Suppliers have a direct impact to
Medtronic® DBS™ Therapy user manual. Activa® PC Model 37601. Activa® RC Model 37612. Activa® SC Dispose of this product according to local regulations. See for instructions . contrast, and text or icon display format. Preferences do not affect your therapy. Pulse width - The length or
Filename Date Time UC200xxxxxx EN 4.6 x 6 inches (117 mm x 152 mm) Intellis™ Medtronic Confidential ImplantManual.xsl - Template version: 08-02-2011 97715 Rechargeable neurostimulator Implant manual ! USA M946871A001 Rx only 2012 2012-06 Filename Date Time UC200xxxxxx EN 4.6 x 6
28 Aug 2001 The lead has application as part of a Medtronic biventricular pacing system. The Attain SD Model 4189 The Medtronic Attain SD Model 4189 steroid eluting, transvenous, unipolar, left ventricular, cardiac vein . detection intervals according to the recommendations in the technical manual. • Pacemaker
Medtronic® and SynchroMed® are trademarks of Medtronic, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Prialt® is a registered trademark of Azur Pharma International Limited. 2 English 8637 2011-09. Template version: 03-04-2011. M221311A034 Rev X
Page 1 of 42. Instructions for Use. PRESTIGE® LP CERVICAL DISC. Medtronic Sofamor Danek USA, Inc. 1800 Pyramid Place Memphis, TN 38132. Tel. 800 933 2635 (In U.S.A.). 901 396 3133 (Outside of U.S.A.). Fax 901 396 0356. CAUTION: Federal (United States) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a.
PATIENT PROGRAMMER. 97740. Pain therapy user manual for neurostimulation system models 37022, 37701, 37702, 37703,. 37704, 37711, 37712, 37713, 37714, 97702,. 97712, 97713, 97714 ! USA Rx only. 2013. Template version 6.2: 12-03-2014. M940177A012 Rev X 2015-03-01